MADVT is a collective of mutual aid groups throughout VT dedicated to dismantling oppressive, heirarchical systems through cooperative support networks, mutual aid projects and community defense programs.

We believe liberty is based in the rights of all people to not be oppressed, exploited, attacked or deported due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious practices, country of origin or physical or mental abilities. MADVT recognizes that women, femme, queer and trans folks are disproportionately deprived of their liberty and threatened with violence. In response MADVT organizes mutual aid projects and skills training workshops that provide community defense as well as build solidarity with impacted communities throughout VT. Join US !

This is the main page for MADVT – Mutual Aid and Defense Vermont.  Links to our internet active chapters are below. There are other chapters throughout the state that do not have a specific internet presence for reasons that are their own.




Mutual Aid and Defense Facebook